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Contact Tracing

In-house contact tracing

In-house contact tracing is still under way to quickly locate contacts and thus minimise the risk of infection in courses & examinations. As is known by now, any person who has been in the same room as a confirmed case for more than 15 minutes at a distance of less than 2 metres is considered a contact person. Persons who follow the protective measures (such as wearing FFP2 masks on both sides) or who are 3* vaccinated are not considered contact persons. Please note that contact tracing cannot make an assessment of the vaccination status and in the event of an increased risk of infection, the competent health authorities must still be informed in order to clarify the contact person status.

If a person tests positive for COVID-19 and has taken part in a course/examination in the 48 hours prior to this, the contact persons at WU are identified through contact tracing and informed about the next steps. This is to prevent the development of clusters in classes and to guarantee a safe learning environment. 

  • Contact persons are persons who have been at a distance of less than 2 meters for more than 15 minutes or who have had direct phyisical contact.
  • Not considered as contact persons are those who follow the safety measures (such as wearing FFP2 masks on both sides) or who have been vaccinated 3 times.

It should be noted that through Contact Tracing, the vaccination status cannot be assessed and, in the event of an increased risk of infection, the competent health authorities must still be notified to clarify the status of the contact person. Consequently, if lecturers do not wear a mask during classroom teaching and are identified as a contact person, they are urged not to enter Campus WU and to switch to distance teaching as long as no clearance by the authorities has taken place.

WU is obliged (according to § 5 Abs 3 Epidemic Act 1959) to provide information about contact persons: Data on contact persons with a higher risk of infection must be forwarded to the responsible health authority.

WU Check-in is the basis for in-house contact tracing. With the WU Check-in, students and teachers are able to register their seat in courses & exams and thus ensure a quick and targeted tracing of contact persons.

  • Please remind your students to check-in at the beginning of the course/examination. You can monitor the status of students directly in the web application (in the dashboard).
  • Data will be deleted automatically in accordance with the privacy policy. All information and FAQs on WU Check-in can be found on this website.

If students who participated in one of your courses/exams inform WU of their positive test result, you as the teacher of the course will be contacted by Inhouse Contact Tracing and asked to answer some detailed questions. These detailed questions refer to the accuracy of the check-in data, the setting of the course (group work, presentation, external visit, etc.) as well as to the compliance with the safety measures. Only after assessing the information that you provide, it is possible to make a risk assessment.

We ask you not to pass on any information to students or take any action yourself at this stage.

As soon as the risk assessment has been completed, you and your students will be informed about the next steps.

If the WU Check-in was apparently not used or only used by a very small number of students, we assume that you used a different method of documentation. For courses that take place externally, you as the course instructor are nonetheless responsible for the documentation of attendance and seating. In such cases, you will be asked by e-mail to submit the attendance list including seat documentation for the course unit(s)/examination within 24 hours.

To ensure successful contact tracing, group work in courses requires special documentation. If a COVID case occurs in your course, the contact tracing team will ask you, among other things, whether any group work took place in the respective course unit. Please consider the following points when working in groups:


Students should check in at the beginning of each course with their seat number in the main (shared) classroom (WU Check-in). As lecturer, you can monitor the check-in data directly in the dashboard. In case of group work that goes beyond working with the direct seat neighbours, we need additional manual records (date of group work and names of all group members). A change of members also needs to be documented accordingly. Thus, we recommend that you work with stable groups.

Breakout rooms

If additional rooms are used, make sure that all students check in at the main classroom and to document groups manually as described above.


Please also document (group) presentations manually, as these result in a new arrangement of students in the classroom. If students move to the front for a presentation, for example, they should be registered accordingly, as additional contacts are made here.

Contact persons who are under official quarantine are not allowed to come to Campus WU and/or to participate in courses & examinations in presence for the time period ordered by the authorities. Persons who have been informed by WU that they were exposed to a high risk of infection during a course/examination are also not allowed to come to Campus WU/participate in courses & examinations in presence for the corresponding time period (for as long as their status has not been clarified by the authorities).