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Communication with your students

Inform your students in time about the online exam and about the communication tools during an exam. You can communicate the first information to your students via your course environment on MyLEARN via the news announcements. For doing so, you can use this text template.

You can provide detailed information about the online exam via e-mail, in an online exam environment, or via the news announcements. In the online exam environment, you can find a template for a content page, which you can adapt.

For communication during an online exam, you can use Microsoft Teams or E-Mail. 

Microsoft Teams

When setting up the online exam environment, also a Team with the same name („distance exam_your module) is created in Microsoft Teams. For those who will have their exam in their course environment there is a tutorial to "How can I create a team in Microsoft Teams?".

To provide you with a good overview, in Microsoft Teams, you will find three channels created in advance:

  1. Announcements: In the channel announcements you and further administrators of Teams (proctors) can inform your students about important changes during the exam. In this channel, students only have reading permission, they cannot post.
  2. Subject-related questions: In this channel, students can post subject-related questions, e.g., regarding the exam questions.
  3. Technical problems: Via this channel, students can report technical issues that require an interruption or cancellation of the exam. You can find further information here.

Please note that all chat messages in the channels can be read by all members and administrators.

On the home page of the online exam environment, students can find the link to join MS Teams. It is recommended to download the desktop app to the computer and to the mobile device.

Why Microsoft Teams?

Using Microsoft Teams gives you the opportunity to reach the entire group of your students. You can make announcements that are visible for all students.

As all chat messages can be seen by all members, students have the option to support each other – especially regarding technical problems or questions.

The opportunity that all members see all chat messages also has disadvantages: students have the chance to share proposals for solutions. Because of that, it is important to arrange communication rules. An example would be the rule not to post screenshots, proposed solutions etc. in the channel „subject-related questions".

How can I create a team in Microsoft Teams?
  1. Click on the left menu on "Teams".
  2. To create a team click on "Join or create a team" and then on the button "Create team".
  3. Choose the template "Other".
  4. Type in the title of your exam or team and set the privacy to public. If it is public students can join the team via link.
  5. Now you can add members or create new channels if you click on the three dots next to your created team.


In case you do not want to use Microsoft Teams, you can provide the students with an e-mail-address for questions and reports. It is recommended that a person from your team takes care of this e-mail address and re-distributes the requests of the students to the colleagues who are the proctors. Some exam coordinators of the examination week in April used only e-mail as a communication tool and have had good experiences with it.

Why E-Mail?

E-mail allows individual communication with the students. You can use e-mails if you do not send announcements to all students during the exam.

MS Teams & E-Mail

Several exam coordinators of the exam week in April have combined both tools. Students posed their questions via e-mail, and these questions were answered via e-mail, as well. Information that was important for all students was published in Teams. For this purpose, only one channel was in use, in which the students had only reading permission and could not post messages.

Why MS Teams & E-Mail?

If you combine MS Teams and e-mail, you have both the chance of posting announcements for all students, and to provide individual support for students via email.


Whatever you decide, we will support you to set up the chosen variant.

For exams with online proctoring and more than 150 participating students there is the opportunity for co-support by an e-assistant for supporting students regarding technical questions in the channel "technical problems" during the exam. This support can be provided from Monday till Friday until 6 PM at the latest. Outside these times, no technical support or troubleshooting can be provided for the LEARN system, either.

If you need support by an e-assistant, please write an e-mail to and provide the following information:

  • URL (web address) of the online exam or the online exam environment
  • date of the online exam
  • period of time for the support including preparation time
  • number of students