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Information for teachers

In the winter semester 2020 / 21, the Examination Regulations will again apply without restriction, including the attendance requirements. The Examination Regulations are supplemented by updated Regulations on the Conduct of Courses and Exams During the COVID-19 Period, for which a commentary is again available. (Currently only available in German, the English versions follow as soon as possible.)

If you plan an online exam you can enter the requited information directly at the respective exam date in ROOMS.

  1. At the respective exam date, select as room category "online event" and use the button "P" for examination.
  2. Click the button "Save". You will get the following note: "You need to provide further information about your exam/s before you can save. Please use [Enter further information] below".
  3. Give information about the following for each exam date:
    • Online exam in course environment OR online exam in online exam environment
    • Language: German OR English
    • Online supervision required
  4. Save the entries and close the entry field.
  5. After that, you can finalise the booking for the selected exam dates with "Book".


All exams of the large-scale exam week will be held as online examinations and will continue to be coordinated by the examinations office.

For information on online exams, see "Written online exam on MyLEARN" and "Oral Examination".

For information on on-campus exams, see "On-Campus Exam".

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