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Administration of online exams

Using the tools available at WU, you can administrate your exams online:

  • Oral online exams can be conducted using Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
  • Written online exams can be created and edited via MyLEARN. You have the option to use different exam formats:
    • Remote-Take-Home Exam
    • Online exams with calculations and graphs
    • Online exams with closed and/or open questions

If you plan an online exam you can enter the requited information directly at the respective exam date in Rooms.

  1. At the respective exam date, select as room category "online event" and use the button "P" for examination.
  2. Click the button "Save". You will get the following note: "You need to provide further information about your exam/s before you can save. Please use 'Enter further information' below".
  3. Give information about the following for each exam date:
    • Online exam in course environment OR online exam in online exam environment
    • Language: German OR English
    • Online supervision required
  4. Save the entries and close the entry field.
  5. After that, you can finalise the booking for the selected exam dates with "Book".


You can decide whether you want to hold your online exam in the regular course environment or in a separate online examination environment. A separate exam environment allows for online proctoring, but it is necessary to add your students first.

BeAble students

BeAble students receive a compensation for the time disadvantages during their examination. The corresponding time extension must be taken into account by you, both in the design of BeAble exams and in the configuration of the examination statement and, if necessary, online supervision (in a separate online examination environment). In the following document "BeAble Anleitung" (German only) you will find

  • a precise step-by-step instruction on what you need to consider with regard to BeAble students during your exam (information, communication, exam design, if necessary consideration of writing assistants)
  • process information for BeAble students without writing assistants
  • process informatioin for BeAble students with writing assistants

Please contact the BeAble-Team for all questions with regard to BeAble students as exam participants.

For technical questions about the design of BeAble exams, please contact the team of Digital Teaching Services at