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This website is continously updated.

Current information for the winter semester 2021/22

  • In the winter semester, a valid "2,5G-proof" is required for participation in classroom teaching and presence examinations. The current plan for checking the 2,5G certificate includes a mix of decentralised controls by the teachers and centrally organised controls of the buildings by the campus management.
  • WU-internal contact tracing for courses and examinations at Campus WU is still in place. For this purpose, the new web application WU Check-in was developed, allowing students to document their attendance by checking in and subsequently register their seat. For this reason, please ask your students to check-in in to your courses and examinations. For an easier Check-in you can show the QR code on your slides.
  • There are currently no rules regarding distances at WU and no obligation to wear MNS in the buildings or during courses and examinations. All details can be found on the website "Current safety measures".
  • Courses with fewer than 65 participants can hold presence units without distances, i.e. the full room capacities are available.
  • Courses with more than 65 participants will be held as planned. A switch from online to classroom teaching mode is not possible.
  • Examinations with fewer than 400 participants will be held on campus. Examinations with more than 400 participants are to be held online due to the reduced number of places. The large-scale examinations are planned in hybrid mode.

If you have questions you can send an e-mail to