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Covid 19 disease and/or traffic limitations of teachers
  • If you are subject to traffic limitations and have no symptoms, you can hold the course units in question online until you are tested negative.
  • If you are subject to traffic limitations without symptoms and you want to teach on campus, you are obliged to wear an FFP2 mask at all times (indoors, regardless of distance) wherever you might have contact with other people.
  • If you are on sick leave, you can postpone the affected course units to a later date or deliver the course content in another way. Details are provided by the WUPOL "Regulations for Lecturers in the Event of Illness".
  • With the end of the summer semester 2022, WU Inhouse Contact Tracing for students has been discontinued. Thus, neither WU Check-in nor a central Covid notification of/by students is necessary.
  • Currently, there is no requirement at WU to wear a MNS, except in the case of traffic limitations. Nevertheless, every teacher and every student has the right to wear an MNS voluntarily.