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Recording On Campus WU

Lecture Recording

You can use the rooms to prepare lecture recordings for the current semester.

The following rooms are available for lecture recording:

  • AudiMax
  • TC.0.02
  • TC.0.03
  • TC.0.04
  • TC.1.01
  • TC.2.02
  • TC.3.01
  • TC.3.05
  • TC.3.06
  • TC.3.07
  • LC.2.064
  • D2.0.030
  • D2.0.342
  • D5.0.001
Microphone and AV technology

Please note that for lecture recordings you must pick up a microphone from IT SERVICES at the IT Service Desk on the ground floor of the Teaching Center. Only Sennheiser HS2-1 neckband microphones are available for lecture recordings, as they ensure optimum audio quality. You do not need to wear a mask during the recording. Under no circumstances, pass the microphone on to another person.


Return the microphone to the IT Service Desk immediately after finishing the lecture recording. Never return the microphone via the return box.

After each recording, the microphone as well as the AV equipment in the classroom (smart podium, mouse, keyboard, smart board, whiteboard, LC panel, connector panels) are cleaned and disinfected with suitable agents. Please, under no circumstances use your own disinfectants to clean the microphone and AV equipment!

In the classroom, operate the Lecturecast touch panel as usual. Since your course does not appear in the list of courses, select "My course is not in the list", enter your course number and then select your course.

If problems occur during a lecture recording, you can contact the AV hotline (+43 1 31336 3003).

If necessary, please follow the instructions of security management when entering and leaving the classroom.

Further Information

You can find support for lecture recording (video and step-by-step instructions) in the Media Guide, chapter "How can I record a lecturecast in the lecture hall" and in the MyLEARN-Guide.

Didactic advice and tips on the use of lecture recordings can be found in the Teaching and Learning Academy.