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Microsoft Teams

You can use Microsoft Teams for interactive web conferences. With Microsoft Teams you can conduct web conferences and get the opportunity to interactively involve your students during a web conference.

Microsoft Teams in the course rooms enables students who are not present physically to participate in the class online.

If you are using Microsoft Teams for your course, please consider the following points:

  • Make sure that online participants are muted and make them aware of it.
  • When you are in the classroom, ask the students in the classroom to turn off the speaker and, if necessary, the microphone on their laptops to avoid acoustic feedback.
  • Let the students know how they can contribute to the discussion:
    • Online participants can use the virtual hand.
    • All participants can use the chat in the meeting.

First steps

You can log in to Microsoft Teams with your WU e-mail address ( and your WU account password.

Students have to activate their WU student account for Microsoft Teams.

  1. Therefore they visit WU's Controlpanel application.
  2. Then they click on "My email" and "Configure Office365".
  3. There they should read the Office365-disclaimer and click on the checkbox next to "I have read the Office365-disclaimer and accept" and submit it.
  4. Then they have to choose "Full functionality (E-Mail, Skype4Business, Teams, Sharepoint, Yammer, Onedrive)" and submit it again.*

*Students notice the missing activation when they want to log in at Microsoft Teams and a message like the following appears: "You're missing out!" or in german "Bleiben Sie nicht zurück".

The activation can last up to 24 hours. After 24 hours after the activation students can log in to Microsoft Teams with their WU account.

  1. Therefore they visit the page
  2. Then they fill in their They will be forwarded to WU's login page.
  3. There they can log in with their hStudent-ID or (not with and their WU account password.

If you are using a laptop provided by WU, Microsoft Teams should already be installed. If not, you can find the application in the Software Center. If you want to use the web browser version, this is currently only supported in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. However, you will not be able to use the full range of functions.

If you use your own, private PC or laptop, please download the desktop app via the following link: Follow the steps of the installation program at your private PC.

If you are registered at Microsoft Teams, you can use it for holding a web conference with max. 300 participants. You can create a web conference in different ways:

  • via the calender in Microsoft Teams
  • via the calender in Outlook

It is recommended to create your web conference via the calender in Outlook:

  1. Open the calender in outlook and create an appointment.
  2. Fill in the fields and change, if necessary, the date and time of your appointment.
  3. Now click on "Teams-Besprechung". Automatically your appointment will change to a Microsoft Teams meeting and you will get the participation link.
  4. If you want to repeat the appointment, you can click on "Serientyp". So you will have several Microsoft Teams meeting but only one participation link.
  5. The field "An" can be left empty.
  6. To save your Microsoft Teams web conference, click on "Senden".

You can see your web conference now in your calender in Outlook and in Microsoft Teams.

After having copied the participation link, you can put it into your course in MyLEARN as an announcement or calender entry or send it via e-mail to all participants. For doing so, you can use the e-mail feature in MyLEARN. The students will receive your e-mail via their students e-mail address and can participate in the web conference with a click on the link.

At the day of your web conference, you can start it via the calendar event in Microsoft Teams.

  1. Click at "Calendar" in the left side menu.
  2. Click at the scheduled event.
  3. In the desktop app, click at the right side on the top on "Join".
  4. Activate camera and microphone and click on "Join now".

Features during a web conference

Microsoft Teams offer three views during a web conference:

  • Gallery (3x3 grid)
  • Large Gallery (7x7 grid)
  • Together mode

You can change the view during a web conference:

  1. Click on the 3 dots in the web conference.
  2. Then choose on of the three views.

You can work on Office-documents together with your students during a web conference in Microsoft Teams. This is only possible with Word-, PowerPoint- and Excel-files.

  1. Upload a file into the chat of your web conference in Microsoft Teams via drag and drop.
  2. All the participants in the web conference can now edit the file together. To do this, click on the 3 points next to the file and then "Edit in Teams".
  3. All changes will be saved automatically. When you finished working together on the file, your participants and you can simply click on "Close".

With this option you can for example

  • use Word-files to work on a specific topic.
  • use PowerPoint-files to do a brainstorming during the web conference.
  • use Excel-files to work together on a calculation.

During a web conference in Microsoft Teams you can share your desktop, your presentation slides, a file or a certain app.

If you want to share your whole screen you have to agree to the terms of use in the controlpanel first.

  1. Open the controlpanel and sign in with your WU account.
  2. There, click on "Microsoft Teams" and "teams functions".
  3. Agree to the terms of use.

The activation can take some hours after that you can share your whole screen during your web conference.

  1. At the controlpanel, choose the symbol "share".
  2. Now, you can choose what you want to share.
  3. Choose "Stop sharing" to end showing your screen or presentation.

If you want to play a locally stored video or a video from the internet it is important you have selected "Include system audio".

  1. In a meeting, click on the control panel the symbol "Share".
  2. Put a check mark next to "Include system audio".
  3. At desktop, select the entire screen.
  1. Open your meeting in Microsoft Teams and click on the link "Meeting options" below the participation link "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting".
  2. Go to the setting "Who can present?" and choose:
    a) "Only me": Only you can share your screen. If anyone else should share their screen you can always change it during a web conference.
    b) "Specific people": You can assign other participants as presenters who can share their screen. Therefore you can add other people.
  3. Confirm your settings by clicking on "Save".

Only the organisator of the meeting can change the meeting settings.

  1. Click the symbol "show participants" in the control panel. You see a list of all participants who are joining the web conference.
  2. If you have more than 3 participants, you can mute alle participants. For doing so, use the link "Mute all" on the top of the list of participants to mute the microphones of all people who joined the meeting.
  3. During the web conference in Microsoft Teams, you can add further participants. Add the student ID of your students or the name of a colleague.

Please kepp in mind, that via Microsoft Teams you can only find members of WU.

During a web conference you can activate the chat and upload a file or ask students to upload files.

Please keep in mind that too much data traffic (uploads and downloads) can influence the quality of the web conference (interruptions in voice transmission etc.)

The recording and saving of pictures, audio- and videomaterial as well as of text content (e.g. from the comment function) is processing of personal data relevant to data protection law. Therefore, an agreement with the works council regarding Microsoft Teams was made. It can only be activated by agreeing to the terms of use: 

  1. Open the controlpanel and log in with your WU account.
  2. There, click on "Microsoft Teams" and "teams functions".
  3. Agree to the terms of use.

The activation can take some hours after that you can record your web conference:

  1. Click at the three dots in the control panel. A window with more options will open.
  2. There, choose "Start recording" to start the recording of your web conference.
  3. To stop the recording click on the three dots and then "Stop recording".
  • The recording will be uploaded on Microsoft OneDrive.
  • The recording will be shown in the chat of a web conference too.

During a web conference in Microsoft Teams you can set up breakout rooms and assign the participants to these breakout rooms manually or automatically.

  1. After you as the organisator have started the meeting, the symbol for breakout rooms is shown. Click on the symbol.
  2. Determine, how many breakout rooms you want to create. You can create up to 50 breakout rooms.
  3. Select, whether you want to assign the participants automatically or manually to the breakout rooms. You can change this setting later on.
  4. In the right side menu, you get a list of all the breakout rooms. There, you can start all the rooms at the same time.
    If participants are assigned automatically, they will get the notification that they have been assigned to a breakout room and will be transferred there in a few seconds.
    If participants are assigned manually, participants are asked if they want to join the breakout room assigned to them.
  5. As soon as the breakout rooms have been started, you can enter them, rename them or close them (by clicking on the 3 dots next to the breakout rooms).
  6. If participants use the chat in the breakout room, click on "Chat" in the left side menu of the second Microsoft Teams windows to see the chat messages of the respective breakout rooms.
  7. As soon as you close the breakout rooms, participants get the notification that their breakout rooms are closed automatically in 10 seconds. Participants are automatically led back to the main meeting.

In Microsoft Teams, you can find members of WU.

For a web conference, it is not necessary to add participants manually. For web conferencing, send the participation link to all participants via e-mail.

You can download an attendance list during a web conference. The list shows you the e-mail address of the participants and when they joined or leaved the meeting.

  1. You can click on the symbol "Show participants" during the web conference. A list of participants appear.
  2. There you can click on the 3 dots and then "download attendance list".
  3. You can find the attendance list in files and "Downloads" in the left side menu of Microsoft Teams.

The attendance list is a CSV file that can be openend for example with Excel.

Please inform your students about the attendance list and the data that it collects.

No. The licence of WU does not include phone conversations in Microsoft Teams via entering a phone number.

You can add guests or external users to your web conference, who do not own a Microsoft Teams account.

  1. Copy the participation link from your web conference.
  2. Share the link by e-mail to your guests. Tell them to open the link with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  3. By clicking on the link, your guests will be redirected to the website.
  4. There, your guests can choose to either join on the web or using the desktop app.
  5. The guests have to click on the link "Participate as a guest" and will be asked to enter a name to join the meeting as a guest.

Classroom use


Never forget to end the meeting and log off from Microsoft Teams and/or the presenter's PC.

  • WU account
  • Microphone
  • Webcam

For more information, see "Borrowing & returning of equipment".

Microsoft Teams can be used in each course room at the WU via the PC.

You can find a quickguide to Microsoft Teams in every course room:

It is not possible to use Microsoft Teams via your own laptops as the sound output is done with microphones specified for the room.

Before you start the meeting in Microsoft Teams, connect the microphone and, if applicable, the webcam:

  1. Start the system in the course room with a click on "ON".
  2. Set up the microphone and clip the sender to your clothing.
  3. If applicable, plug the webcam into the USB slot and attach it to the center of the upper edge of the monitor.
  4. Click on the Microsoft Teams Icon at the desktop.
  5. Log in with your WU account.
  6. Click on "Join" at the top right of the screen to join the scheduled appointment.
  7. Activate the microphone and, if applicable, the camera and click on "Join now".
  8. Make sure the correct microphone is selected by clicking on the 3 dots in the appointment and on "Device settings". Select at "audio devices" and "Microphone": Lexicon Alpha In/Out (USB-Audiogerät)" or "Microphone (Realtek(R) Audio)".

Via the microphone (Sennheiser HS2-1 neckband microphone) everything you say is transferred in optimal audio quality. However, questions and comments of the students in the course room are not transferred via Zoom. Therefore, please repeat what the students say. Exceptions are course rooms with ceiling microphones. In this case what students say is transmitted via the ceiling microphones. Which teaching rooms from the categories 30, 60 and 60U are equipped with ceiling microphones can be found here.

All other microphones, like the integrated microphone of the webcam, do not provide sufficient audio quality and are not recommended.

Camera image
Via the webcam, participants can see you in Zoom during the course. If the camera is positioned at the top of the monitor, it is recording the area arount the presenter's computer. You are therefore shown either in portrait format or in full-body format.

It is recommended to share the presentation in advance with the students, so they can open it during the course. However, you also have the option to share your presentation during the course via Zoom. In the course room, it is recommended to share the entire screen (desktop). Doing so, your annotations with the attached pen on the monitor will be transferred, as well.

Sharing the whole screen enables transmission of the digital whiteboard SMART Notebook, embedded videos in presentations as well as you annotations with the attached pen.

For more information, see "How can I share my screen?".

Please note that transmission of the entire screen makes the meeting chat and raising of hands invisible for you. Therefore, it is recommended to interrupt the presentation in regular intervals and to check the chat.

  1. In the control panel, click on the red symbol for "Hang up".
  2. Sign out via your profile in Microsoft Teams. To do so, click on your profile icon in the right upper corner and then on "Sign out".
  3. Click on the logout icon at the desktop. This will automatically log you out of all programs.

Additional features

You can use the live event in Microsoft Teams if you plan a web conference in a frontal format with more than 300 students and up to 10.000 participants.

Please note that in a live event, participants can only watch and listen and hardly have the option to interact with the lecturer:

  • Attendees can post questions only via a "Questions & Answers (Q&A)" area. They can do so anonymously or not anonymously.
  • All further options for interaction (use of microphone, camera, share screen) are not allowed for attendees.

For more information and tutorials to the live event, see Microsoft Support.

To set up a live event, request the licence designated for this via e-mail to with the subject: Live event in MS Teams.

You can create teams for Microsoft Teams only in the controlpanel application.

  1. Therefore visit WU's controlpanel application and log in with your WU account.
  2. Click on "My teams" and "Overview".
  3. To create a team click on the button "Add".
  4. Fill out the form and save your entries with a click on "Save".

As admin you can delete teams in microsoft teams.

  1. Click in microsoft teams on the left side on "Teams".
  2. Click next to the team you want to delete on the 3 points.
  3. Click on "Delete the team".

Now you delete the whole team with their posts, members and files.

The followiing feature is only possible when you create a team with the LV-template".

In the controlpanel application you can add several members via a CSV- or TXT-file to a team.

  1. Therefore visit WU's controlpanel application and log in with your WU account.
  2. Click on "My teams" and "Overview". You will get an overview of all your teams you created there.
  3. Click next to a team on the button "Upload memberlist".
  4. Click on "Durchsuchen..." and select a file to upload.
  5. Then click on "Save".
  6. The person in your list are all added as members in your team now (not owners).

All members who were already in the team will be overwritten.