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Exams with File Upload (Assignment)

The activity "Assignment" on MyLEARN is suitable for the submission of a text, an edited file or a completed worksheet.

How do I create an assignment?

  1. Go to your online exam environment or to your course on MyLEARN.
  2. In the left side menu, click on "learning activities".
  3. In the top menu bar, click on "New" and "Assignment".
  4. Use the following settings for a written exam and release the assignment afterwards.
  • Advanced settings > assignment
  • Assigned to > "All members"
  • Submission type > File upload
  • Max. files > e.g. 1
  • Grading mode > max. points (and: enter the points)
  • How many minutes should be available…* > (entry in minutes)
  • Starting time and end time > date/time for start and end of the written exam
  • Release grading > publish manually
  • Allow draft saving > YES
  • Activate checkbox „ToDo“

* Here, students will get the information how much time is left for their exam as soon as they started the exam.
**A fixed starting and end time guarantees that students can only work on the exam on a defined day and a defined time.

Enter the task:
  • In the text area, enter a task for the exam.
  • You can add material for download, which is necessary for elaborating the assignment (e.g. papers/articles, case descriptions, laws and standards, R-Data, Excel spreadsheets etc.
  • You can add a sample solution if you want that students get automatically information about the correct elaboration after the grades are released. In the field for the sample solution, you can enter Text and/or embed pictures and audio or video files.


If you offer a file for download, keep in mind that students have to be able to open, save and upload the file with the software on their home devices. Announce the requirements for participation in this online exam to the students in good time and provide the students with a comparable file in advance so that they can test whether they can open and edit the data type on their computer.

How do students get to the online exam?

Students see the online exam on their To Do list on MyLEARN. If they click at the exam before the starting time, they get the following notification: "You will be able to complete this activity between [Start date and time] and [end date and time]“. Only at the start date, students can start the exam.

How does the online exam look like for students?

From the determined start time, students can start the online exam.

  • Before the start, students see the following standard text:
    "For this task you can reach up to [number] points.
    Completion time: [start date and time] - [end date and time]
    Time Limit (Timer) [minutes]

    If a timer is set, students get the follwong addition to the standard text:
    "You have a time limit of XX minutes to complete this task. As soon as you click on ''Start'', the timer starts to run.
    You will also see your start time, the remaining time and the time up to which the assignment has to be submitted (expiry of the time limit).
    To submit the task, click on the ''submit'' button within the specified time."

  • IF "save as draft was allowed, students will additionally get the following notification:
    "You can save answers as a draft in this assignment. These drafts will be submitted automatically after the time limit has expired if you do not click on 'Submit' in due time. Answers that you submit outside the time limit will be discarded."

  • IF "save as draft" was not allowed, stufdents will additionally get the following notification:
    "You cannot save answers as a draft in this assignment!
    Answers that you submit outside the time limit will be discarded and will be counted as 'not answered'.
    With a click on "Start", students start the exam. They see the assignment and have the possibility to upload a file."

  • The upload of a file has to be confirmed with a click on "Submit". As long as students did not click on "Submit", the file can still be changed.
  • After the submission, students get an overview of the assignment and its submission.
  • Now, the assignment cannot be edited any more.

How can I view the submissions of the students?

After having carried out the online exam, you can view the submissions of your students.

  1. In the left side menu, click "learning activities".
  2. In the top menu, click "learning activities" and choose "Overview of assignments".
  3. In the column"Title of Assignment", choose the online exam of which you want to see the submissions.
  4. At this assignment, click in the column "Status" at the number for "Submitted". You will see a table of all submissions.
  5. In the column "Submission" click at the link with the file name to open or to download the submitted file.

How can I grade student submissions?

For the Assignment, you have to enter the grades manually.

  1. In the column "Submissions", click the link "Submission" to see detailed information on the students' submissions.
  2. Click in the field "..." next to "of [number] points", to um submit your points/grade.
  3. Use the comment field to provide students with a short explanation of your assessment.
  4. You can also use the opportunity to upload a feedback file to upload a sample solution or to give students a longer individual feedback on their submission.
  5. If you have selected "manual release" in the settings, you still have to release the grades. To do so, click the button "Release all gradings".


There are several ways to upload your feedback as a feedback file:

  • Write down your comments for a text or file submission directly in the submitted document. Upload the document with your comments as a feedback file.
  • Call up the submitted file and record your comments on the screen by using a PC Screen Recording. Upload the video as a feedback file.
  • Design a sample solution and upload it as feedback file. In this way, students can compare their submission with the sample solution.
  • If you have assessed the submission based on a rubric, upload the completed matrix as a feedback file.