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Automated online supervision

In the online exam environment, you have the option for an automated online supervision. Randomized images of the students, their screens and their audio are taken during the exam, which can be viewed by the exam coordinators after the end of the exam. These pictures can help to identify cheating during the exam.

During the online supervision students get three preview images to control if their screen, camera and microphone is working.

IMAGE: Preview images during an exam with an online supervision.

To be able to carry out the automated online supervision, students have to fullfil the following prerequisites:

  • Work on a computer or laptop (mobile devices are not an option)
  • The exam has to be taken with the newest version of the browser Google Chrome.
  • Students have to allow the recording by allowing their web browser to record the whole screen, and they have to allow access to their camera and their microphone.

Please note that the online supervision is only possible within a separate online exam environment.

Here you can find the Data Protection Statement for the online supervision.

Which settings have to be done from the students in Google Chrome?

New: Pre-Check Online Supervision

From September 16, 2020 there will be a Pre-Check Online Supervision. This guides students through setting up the online supervision functions (enabling microphone, camera and screen in the browser). If one of the functions isn't working (= error message), tailor-made solutions will be displayed. Students can go through these solution tips to check the settings in their browser and on the PC. Only after the online supervision has been successfully set up will the examination statement be displayed at the end of the pre-check.

How does the Pre-Check Online Supervision work for students?