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Written online exam on MyLEARN

On these following pages you can find:

  • Suggestions and instructions how written online exams can be created on MyLEARN
  • Checklists for the preparation, handling and follow-up of the exam
  • Templates for the communication with your students

If you have any questions about the online exam on MyLEARN, you can write an e-mail to

For which types of exams are written online exams on MyLEARN suitable?

Online Exams on MyLEARN are particularly suitable for large-scale exams and exams with comparable challenges, e.g.,

  • if at the exam date students from several parallel couses participate (LVP) or
  • for exams with a big number of participants per exam date (interim and final exams of VUE)

In addition, written online exams are also suitable for exams

  • in which factual knowledge is queried (remembering/understanding)
  • with few customizable solutions
  • in which a synchronous / time-limited implementation should minimize the exchange of solutions
  • with different types of questions and assignments (e.g. writing of answers in text fields, elaboration of working sheets, processing case questions)

Exams of this type can be set up and carried out both in a requested online exam environment or in the usual environment of the study course on MyLEARN.

What do students need for the online exam on MyLEARN?

To take an exam on MyLEARN, the students need the following:

  • a working computer with camera
  • their WU student account
  • a sufficiently good internet connection
  • Microsoft Teams

Instruct your students to have a quiet exam environment. They should deactivate all interferences on the computer (e.g. notifications, automatic updates, etc.).

Students who do not have the suitable equiment for participating in a written online exam should actively contact you to discuss alternatives in good time (cf. information on Sharepoint).


Make the following information available to your students in good time (approx. 1 week) before the start of an exam and explicitly point this out to your students:

  • A written explanation of the exam (structure, content, procedure, rules, etc.)
  • The „Examination Statement“, which the students have to read and accept before they take the exam.