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Oral Examination

When conducting an oral exam online, the same legal regulations apply as for the physical conduct of the exam on campus (see WU Examination Regulations).

Since the usual procedures for students are different for online examinations - at least when held for the first time - it is important that you inform your students about the changes in good time.

WU provides Microsoft teams for the conduct of oral examinations. WU students can use Microsoft Office 365 free of charge, which includes the use of teams as well. Some students may already be familiar with teams. However, you cannot assume that this applies to all students:

  • Therefore, please instruct your students to (re-)familiarize themselves with teams well in advance of the examination date. 
  • Inform your students that the invitation to the exam will be sent to their WU e-mail address via teams. Hence, students should check their inbox regularly.
  • For oral examinations, both teacher and students should activate a camera. All modern laptops have built-in cameras. Alternatively, a webcam can be used. Please inform your students, to inform you immediately if they do not have one of these options. Alternative solutions must be sought for these cases.

In addition to all these innovations, it is of course still important that you provide your students with all the information about the date, duration and procedure of the oral examination.

How can I properly hold oral exams online?

The following is recommended for holding oral exams online:

  • Be sure to use one of the tools that meets WU's cloud and privacy guidelines and is supported by WU. WU recommends Microsoft Teams for oral examinations.
  • The following criteria must be met to conduct an oral exam via video conference:
    • At the beginning of the exam, get your students' consent ("I agree with this method of examination."). He / she has to agree that the exam is being conducted live via Microsoft Teams and make a respective note in the examination report. Please note that the exam will not be recorded.
    • For verification of identity, ask your students to hold up their student IDs to the camera.
    • Make sure that you and your students can hear and see each other.
    • The voice, facial expressions and gestures of the students must be realistically perceivable to ensure that the student is really speaking.
    • Make sure that there is the possibility to add a third person to the meeting, if necessary.


How can I conduct an oral examination in distance mode?

Due to data protection regulations and the cloud guidelines at WU, Microsoft Teams is provided for handling oral examinations. You can use Microsoft Teams to conduct an exam with one or more students via an online meeting.

To enjoy the full functionality of the program, it is best to download the desktop app from Microsoft Teams. A guide for Microsoft Teams can be found here.

How do I create an oral examination using Microsoft Teams?

Create an online meeting in Microsoft Teams and add all students that should be examined.

  1. Log in to Microsoft Teams with your Teams Account (
  2. Select "Calendar" in the side menu on the left. If you do not see the calendar, click on the three items in the side menu on the left and then on "Calendar".
  3. Select "+ New meeting". Enter a title, date and time. You can enter a description as well.
  4. Enter the matriculation number of the students taking the exam into the "Add required participants" field. This way you can add all students in question to a meeting.
  5. Click on "Send".

An e-mail notification will be sent to the students WU e-mail address.

How do I prepare for an exam on Microsoft teams?

Go through the following checklist:

  • Inform the students about the exam date and other important details* regarding the oral exam by e-mail in a timely manner.
    * Which supporting materials may students use for the oral exam?
    * Do students need an active camera during the exam?
    * Should students be able to share their screen with you?
  • Prepare all the necessary documents for the oral examination.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Microsoft Teams application. You can find instructions on the Microsoft Teams page on MyLEARN.
  • Check if your microphone and camera work.
  • Make sure that you are in a room with a good internet connection.
  • Agree with your students beforehand on how to proceed in case of technical problems (access to teams, Internet connection). Students must inform you immediately about the reasons for a technical interruption (e-mail, SMS to a specified number).
What are the recommendations you should provide your students with in order to prepare for the exam via Microsoft teams?

Advise your students to register for Microsoft Teams with their WU student account in good time before the oral exam. This makes it possibility to solve problems regarding registration or the account in advance as well as gives the students the opportunity to contact you about problems beforehand.

You can pass on the following checklist to your students:  

  • Familiarize yourself with the Microsoft Teams application.
  • Prepare all the necessary documents for the oral examination.
  • Check if your microphone and camera work.
  • Make sure that you are in a room with a good Internet connection.


How do I start the oral exam in Microsoft teams?

On the day of the oral exam, you simply start the meeting via the calendar entry in Microsoft Teams.

  1. Select "Calendar" in the side menu on the left.
  2. Select the scheduled meeting.
  3. Select "Join" in the top right corner.
  4. Activate camera and microphone, and select "Join Now". Please note that both you and the students should activate the camera.  

You may have to wait a little while for all your students to join the meeting.

What do I have to take into account when conducting an oral exam with Microsoft Teams?

At the beginning, take some time to check the technical settings such as camera, sound, volume, etc. with your students and, if necessary, help them set everything up before you start the examination.

During an oral exam in Microsoft Teams, you can activate the chat function or display a list of participants. For more information, see "What additional features can I use during the web conference?"