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Safe teaching & learning

This website is constantly updated.

WU is aware of its responsibility towards students and staff and is thus constantly reevaluating the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. We follow health and safety instructions in close coordination with the relevant authorities.

In order to meet its high educational standards, WU has invested in additional resources for teaching and has already implemented many measures so that we can ensure the safest possible teaching environment and are prepared for all eventualities.

Safe at Campus WU

What was implemented
  • It is mandatory to wear a FFP2 protection at all times when inside any public building on Campus WU.
  • A one-way rule and signage systems have been established for the entrance area of the TC to make it easier to enter and exit, while maintaining the recommended safety distances.
  • Dispensers for hand disinfection are located in the entrance area of every building. All sanitary facilities are equipped with disinfectant soap.
  • Hygiene stations for disinfecting surfaces are located in all buildings with classrooms (on each floor in the area of the sanitary facilities).
What you should do
  • All rooms should be aired at least once an hour. In the classrooms, offices, corridors, washrooms and meeting rooms, even if they are enclosed, the air is drawn in from outside, blown in through a filter and then extracted and blown out again. There is no recirculation system and no conditioned air, but always fresh air.
  • Please note that WU (Campus Management / Facility Management or IT Support) cannot support courses and exams that are taking place in meeting rooms.

Safe teaching in the classroom

What was implemented
  • The seats in all classrooms (as well as PC rooms, project rooms and learning zones) have been reduced and marked in accordance with the applicable hygiene measures.
    • Students may only use the seats marked with a sticker on the table in a course and / or examination (white sticker = teaching seat; green sticker in auditoriums > 120 = examination seat).
    • All seats in the classrooms have seat numbers on the stickers on the table to make it easier to document the presence of students for an effective contact tracing in case of a COVID-19 case.
    • Due to the large number of different classrooms at Campus WU, seating maps of the classrooms cannot be provided.
  • There are dispensers with special disinfectant wipes mounted at the lecterns in each classroom. These are available for disinfecting the keyboard, touchscreen and mouse (but not the headset microphones and bodypacks) before the start of the unit. Instructions for the correct use can be found on the lectern.
  • In agreement with campus management, cleaning intervals in the classrooms have been increased to at least three times a day.
What you should do
  • Pay attention to the updated classroom capacities. The maximum occupancy of a room is also signposted on the doors. In-class units must not be overbooked.
  • Please do not change the arrangement of the seats in the classrooms under any circumstances and do not move any tables!
  • Please ensure that students only use the marked seats.
  • Advise students to attend courses only if they are registered. This also applies to course units in hybrid or rotation mode. The assigned groups or units cannot be changed or swapped in order to avoid any complications with contact tracing.
  • For all course units and examinations on campus, the presence of all persons in the classroom as well as the seat number must be documented, irrespective of the compulsory attendance. When requested, this documentation must be submitted to the VRLS within 24 hours as part of contact tracing.
    • Documentation of attendance can be done e.g. on the attendance lists, with a note of the seat number.
    • In case of a COVID-19 infection in your course: if it is not possible to distinguish between closer contacts with a high risk (category I) and more distant contacts with a lower risk (category II) due to a lack of documentation, all persons related to the course would have to be quarantined for 14 days and undergo a test (if the result is positive, the quarantine could be extended). This would also be reported to the health authority as part of the required contact tracing.
  • If it is necessary to form small groups with direct contact to eacht other, please do not change these groups during the semester and document the group members.
  • Plan your teaching / learning activities in the classroom units in such a way that the students can easily maintain the minimum distance at all times.
  • If a student seems to be ill, you as lecturer are entitled to expel the person from the course. If the student refuses, you are authorised to cancel the course unit.
    • Please record the incident and report it to, as suspected cases of this kind must also be forwarded (anonymously) to the Ministry. 
  • Keep in mind that there are important reasons for student absences from your course / examinations and also the possibility that WU may have to switch teaching completely to distance mode. Be sure to plan for substitute and alternative scenarios.

Safe exams in the classroom

What was implemented
  • All in-class examinations are scheduled including hygiene intervals. This results in significantly reduced capacities in the respective classrooms - please note the adjusted examination places (green stickers in auditoriums > 120). The examination places of all classrooms below 120 are equivalent to the adapted teaching places (only white stickers in the classrooms).
  • Students are required to come to the examination wearing FFP2 protection, with their own writing tools, as well as a student ID / photo ID.
  • In addition to the general obligation to wear a FFP2 protection in all public buildings of WU up to the examination place / lecturer's desk, the following applies for in-class exams:
    • If it is not possible to clearly establish identity during identity checks, the student may be asked to briefly remove the FFP2 protection.
What you should do
  • Due to the reduced teaching and examination places in all classrooms, a distribution to or the parallel booking of several classrooms will be necessary, especially for a larger number of participants.
    • Assign the students to the examination rooms accordingly in advance and inform them in good time which room they will be in.
    • In this context, please also inform them about the safety regulations for examinations.
  • When planning or holding examinations, please note that due to the increased demand for space, there is also an increased demand for personnel on the part of the responsible institute. Please note that at least one subject supervisor must be present in each classroom. Tutors cannot be provided by the VRLS (exception: examinations organised within the framework of the large-scale exam weeks).
  • Please make sure that students only use the marked seats during an examinations.
  • We kindly ask you not to carry out identity checks directly in front of the classrooms.
    • During the identity checks, the supervisors can also do the seating documentation for examinations. Please do not let the students write down their seat number on the exam, as it would take a lot of time to combine this information in case contact tracing is necessary.
  • Please ensure that when collecting / delivering the exam and leaving the auditorium, students are enabled to maintain the minimum distances and that everyone wears FFP2 protection.
  • If a student appears to be ill, you, as the examiner / supervisor, are entitled to expel the person from the exam. If the student refuses, you are authorised to terminate the examination.
    • Please make appropriate notes about this incident and report it to, as suspected cases of this kind must also be forwarded (anonymously) to the Ministry. 
  • Further information on in-class examinations, including the holding of oral examinations, can be found here.

Safe learning on Campus WU

Students can find all important and safety regulations on the Safe Learning website.

In order to rais students' awareness regarding a safe campus and to communicate the expectations towards them, numerous measures are taken in the winter semester 2020/21. This includes an ongoing awareness campaign on the Campus WU (COVID info flyers signs and posters) as well as on the WU social media channels and regular updates via email and on the WU websites.

In addition, we ask you as lecturers to point out the rules to your students in your courses. In the public areas of all buildings, security staff is entitled to inform students about the obligation to wear FFP2 protection as well as about keeping a safe distance in learning zones.

The most important links with information for students

Information on the current safety and hygiene measures:

Information on in-house contact tracing and the required documentation of all presence during on-campus classes:

Informationen on what students should do if they have questions about COVID-19 or if they are worried about being ill:

For general questions about COVID-19, please refer students to AGES (tel. 0800 555 621).

Students can report suspected cases by themselves to, but this does not replace a report to the health authority!

In case of a positive COVID-19 test, students should fill in the form on this website ⇒ if students contact you because of a suspected case or case of illness, please refer them to the address / form without expection and do not take action yourself!