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Technical Problems during the Exam

If students have technical problems during the exam and to have to report an abortion of an exam, they should do so via Microsoft Teams via the channel „Technical problems", including the following information:

  • Student ID
  • Time of abortion or interruption
  • if applicable Screenshot of the technical problem

There is no need to react to notifications of technical problems during the exam time. You can evaluate them afterwards. If you suspect that problems were caused by LEARN, you can send an e-mail to Please enter the following information about the examination:

  • Date and time of the exam
  • URL of the online exam environment
  • Name or student ID of the students who reported the problem

For single students who had to terminate the examination because of technical difficulties, an individual solution should be found. For this, please contact the students.

In case you do not use Microsoft Teams for exam support communication, please notify your students in time about the communication options (e.g. e-mail).