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Virtual PC rooms

For the academic year 2021/22, 200 virtual PC-workstations are available at WU. These are equipped with the same specialised software that is available in the PC-rooms on campus. Students and lecturers can access the virtual PCs remotely, e.g. from home.


Please note that you need a VPN connection to access a virtual PC from outside WU. Information regarding VPN applications can be found on the following website:

The virtual PCs can be used for courses that are normally held in a PC-room, but are currently taught in a synchronous hybrid or distance mode. For this scenario, 123 virtual PCs are available, assigned to three virtual PC-rooms:  

  • Virtual PC-Room S with 31 slots,  
  • Virtual PC-room M with 41 slots and  
  • Virtual PC-room L with 51 slots.

Lecturers can book a virtual PC-room via Rooms. Students and lecturers can then access the virtual PCs during the scheduled course dates. Access authorisation is automatically granted to lecturers and students registered for this course.  

The remaining 77 virtual PCs are assigned to the virtual lab and are available to WU students at any time for practice. The PCs in the three virtual PC-rooms mentioned above are also accessible to all students every day after the last course. The allocation of virtual PCs for practice purposes is based on the first-come-first-served principle.

There are three ways of accessing a virtual PC.

Access via the Horizon Client for lecturers using a WU-PC or WU-notebook

  1. Install the Horizon Client from the Software Centre (available to all employees).
  2. After installation, you can access the Horizon client from the Start menu. The server "" is already entered by default.
  3. After double-clicking on "", log in with your e-mail address ( and your account password.
  4. After logging in, the virtual PC-rooms (pools) you are authorised for at that time are displayed.
  5. After double-clicking on the respective virtual PC-room, you will be forwarded and logged in automatically to a free virtual PC in the corresponding pool.

Access via Horizon Client for lecturers and students on a private device

  1. Visit the following website:
  2. Click "Install VMware Horizon Client" to download the Horizon Client for the appropriate operating system.  
  3. Access the Horizon client afterwards. No server is pre-set at start-up. Click "Add Server" and enter the following address:
  4. Register afterwards. Lecturers and students use their WU e-mail address for this purpose.
  5. After double-clicking on the respective virtual PC-room you will be forwarded and logged in automatically to a free virtual PC in the corresponding pool.

Access via the Horizon website

  1. Visit the following website:  
  2. Click "VMware Horizon HTML Access".  
  3. Lecturers and students log in with their WU e-mail address.  
  4. Select the PC-room you want to use to be redirected and logged in automatically to a free virtual PC.

You can connect an USB flash drive to your PC and access it through the virtual PCs. You have to install the Horizon client. Adding the USB flash drive via web access will not work.

  1. Connect your USB flash drive to your PC.
  2. If the USB flash drive is recognized by your operating system, click on "Connect USB Device". All available USB flash drives are displayed here.
  3. Select your USB flash drive.

Your USB flash drive is connected to the virtual PC and you can access it on the virtual PC as usual via the file explorer.

Do not forget to eject your USB flash drive before unplugging it from your PC.

If you plan an online unit in the virtual PC room and want to use Microsoft Teams or Zoom as webconference tool, please proceed as follows:

  1. Start Microsoft Teams or Zoom on your local PC / Laptop.
  2. Open the online meeting in Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
  3. Adjust the settings (microphone, camera screen sharing) as required for the session.
  4. Now, open the Horizon Client and access the virtual PC workstation (see "How can I access the virtual PC workstations?")
  5. If you want to share a presentation, you first have to share your entire screen via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. After that, you can open the presentation at the virtual PC workstation.

You can always minimize the application window or make it smaller. This enables you to access your local PC workstation and the virtual PC workstation at the same time.

At the virtual PC workstation, you can sign in to Microsoft Teams or Zoom via the web browser, but it is not possible to use the webcam. Therefore, we recommend to always start Microsoft Teams or Zoom via the client on the local PC.