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Web Conferencing

Zoom & MS Teams

Due to the fact that necessary features in Teams for teaching in the fall will probably not be available on time, the Rectorate has agreed to fund Zoom licenses. Provided that the Academic Staff Council approves, Zoom will be available for in-house teaching for a maximum period of one year. (Note: private licenses cannot be covered by WU, since no DSGVO-compliant addendum is possible here.) Additional wireless microphones and cameras will be available to use in the lecture halls.

All details regarding the use, the specific equipment of the lecture halls and the regulations for safe teaching on campus will be finalised over the summer and will be available to you on the distance learning website at the end of August.

We recommend that distance learning should only be held via web conferencing if it is absolutely necessary. The increased traffic expected in the near future may slow down the internet for live courses. So please read the following webpage "Transitioning your course" first.

New at your disposal is from now on Microsoft Teams as a web conferencing tool for the organisation of your Live-Streamings.