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Known Item Search

This guide focuses on searching for specific titles (e.g. from a reading list) in the library. The known item search section deals with how to find out what type of publication the desired title is and which search tools are best suited to finding it.


Searching by Topic

This section deals with searching for literature on a particular subject. You have a topic (e.g. for a seminar paper) and want to find books and journal articles on this topic. Read this section to learn how to plan your search, which search tools to choose, and tips on search parameters and strategies.

Finding Your Way Around the Central Library

What is shelved where in the Central Library? This guide will introduce you to the different areas in which the various media in the library’s collection are kept.


Search Tools

This section looks at individual search tools and questions like which eBooks and eJournals are available at the library, what to do with databases, or how to find specific information on the internet.


Reference Management

The WU library is supporting you at using the software, which is presented in this guide.


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