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readit - creating reading lists

The reading list management system read!t allows you to create clearly structured reading lists for your courses quickly and easily.

Lecturers and list creators can independently activate read!t in MyLEARN via the syllabus administration.

Starting with entering the course information for the online course catalog for the summer semester 2023, read!t will replace the conventional way of publishing reading lists in the syllabus.

Advantages for teachers

  • add titles to your reading lists quickly and easily

  • compile collaborative reading lists with other teachers

  • transfer reading lists from one semester to the next

Advantages for students

  • makes reading lists clear and easy to read

  • gives students rapid access to relevant literature, allowing them more time to actually study the content

Getting access to read!t

If you want to use read!t for creating your own reading lists, course instructors, administrators and tutors can activate it via MyLEARN (syllabus).

Any questions? Please contact us:

For a first impression, please visit the read!t portal.

Feel free to sign in for one of our short online-workshops!

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