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Welcome to your Wiki!

If this is your first time using the wiki application, please see below for an overview of the most important information:

  • Start Page
    The Start Page is created automatically for each new wiki. You can change and edit this page to meet your own needs, or you can select a different page as your start page in the Settings ("Manage/Settings").
  • Change page view
    You can choose from different page view options available under the Settings menu. Page views change the appearance of your wiki (chapter structure, category structure, no structure).
  • Create Content
    To create a new page, click "New Page". To edit an existing page, click "Edit". The editor is easy to use and offers numerous formatting options.
  • History
    All changes made to a wiki page are documented in the revisions. Previous versions of the page can be recovered at any time.
  • Additional features
    In the Settings, you can manage basic options as well as specifying what other users are authorized to do (post comments, assign tags, activate messaging).
  • Want to know more?
    Check out the MyLEARN-Guide for more detailed instructions on using the wiki function.

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