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Information for students

What is read!t?

read!t is our new reading list management system. It helps students to access literature and other resources quickly and easily, and it provides a central tool for teachers and students when it comes to organizing literature for courses.

You can access read!t via our central read!t online portal. Course instructors can use read!t directly in the course catalog (syllabus) and add entries for their respective courses.

Benefits for students

  • Clearly structured reading lists
  • Fast access to relevant literature – which means more time for studying the content
  • Various export options make it possible to use the reading lists for other purposes as well
  • Different filtering options (required reading, recommended further reading, etc.)
  • A personal collection area (My Collection) for literature and other resources

Tips and tricks for using read!t

  • The My Collection feature gives you the opportunity to collect interesting resources for different purposes in a personal list.
  • Here you can deposit literature from your courses or collect resources for your thesis.

My Collection also gives you the opportunity to propose resources for courses and reading lists. You can send your suggestions for the inclusion of specific items via My Collection to your course instructor.

The Cite It! bookmarklet enables you to easily collect resources from databases, websites and video portals.

  • To install it, go to your account settings and click on "Cite It!".

  • Then simply drag and drop the Cite It! button to your bookmarks panel.

  • Go to the website you want to add and click on the Cite It! bookmarklet.
  • Cite It! will automatically harvest the title, URL, and other details.
  • Please check the accuracy of the data before adding the resource to your My Collection list or add the missing information.

Unfortunately, not all websites and databases are supported yet. You will find an overview when installing the bookmarklet under "Supported sites".

Keep track of the literature you have already read or edited and mark it as Read.

read!t gives you a choice between a German and an English user interface. You can change the language in your account settings.

And here are a few more tips on how you can use read!t even better:

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