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Information for list creators

In the following short instructions you will learn how to register in read!t and how to create or edit reading lists for your courses.

The first steps 

Activating read!t in MyLEARN (syllabus)

  • Select read!t in the menu Actions

  • Activate read!t with the slider (on/off).
  • read!t is now visible to your students (Readings) and you are ready to create a reading list.
  • Please remember to publish a reading list after creating. After publishing, the list will be visible for your students in the syllabus.

Other Option: You can also create and edit a list directly in the readit portal. Please do not forget to activate read!t in the syllabus as well (see above), if your reading list should also be visible in the syllabus!

Log in with your WU account

  • Call up the syllabus for the course repository in MyLEARN. Activate read!t via the menu items Manage -> Actions -> read!t. After activation, a reading list will automatically be created in the course repository syllabus (in the "Readings" field).
  • Now fill the empty reading list with the literature or resources you want. The reading list should be published before it is included in the course(s). read!t was activated automatically here, but the reading list would otherwise not be visible.
  • To transfer the reading list to the desired course(s), click on Copy to the course... in the syllabus. Select the desired course(s) for which the list should be transfered. On the control page you will be asked again to confirm the takeover.
  • The literature list is now visible in the syllabus of the selected course(s).

Attention: If there are fields in the syllabus, that should not be overwritten with information from the course repository, please block these fields on course level (Syllabus -> Manage -> Actions -> Disable Fields ...)

IMPORTANT: If you have activated read!t via MyLEARN, you will find all your courses including course numbers under the menu item Lists. Select the list you want and edit it (See instructions under Structure your list).

If you want to create a second list for a course, proceed as follows:

Create a new list

Assign the title of the list: Please enter the number and the title of your course

Please associate the list with your course

Add a short description of your list - optional

You can transfer read!t reading lists from one course into another one (e.g. for the next semester) by connecting the syllabus in LEARN with the desired course.

To do so, sign into LEARN and click on MyLearn. Now choose the course, which is supposed to receive the syllabus.

Click on syllabus in the left-hand menu, and then choose Syllabus --> Manage.

The menu now shows the option Actions. Select it and choose Copy from course….

Search the course from which you want to carry over the syllabus in the semester list and click on it. Then choose Selected items --> Copy from course.

Finally, confirm your choice by clicking Copy from course.

Structure your list 

Add a new section

Describe the new section - optional

Add literature or other resources 

Add items

Search the WU Library Catalog & Articles

Add resources – via the button “add” or with “drag and drop"

Correct or complete the description of the resource if necessary

Log in to the readit portal and the WU catalog with your WU ID.

After you have found a resource in the catalog,

  1. click on the READIT button
  2. add the resource to the desired reference list (or also under My Collection) and section
  3. click on ADD TO READING LIST

If you cannot find a book or journal in the WU library holdings: 

  • Please create a manual entry (title, author, type, date of publication).
  • Select the section you want to add the resource to and click Add.

You can then use the pop-up window to send a purchase request to the library.

  • Please select the purchase option you want.
  • After a check by the library staff, you will be informed of a possible purchase.
  • As soon as the book is in the library holdings, all information on location and availability will be automatically updated on your reading list.

If a book or a journal is already in the WU library inventory, but a different version (e-book, e-journal) is required:

  • Please also create your own manual entry for this - even if the desired book is already in stock as a printed version.
  • After a check by the library staff, you will be informed whether it is possible to purchase an electronic version or not.

 Assign tags and notes

Assign tags to your resources – this is an important information for your students as well as library staff!

Add a public note for your students or a private note for your collaborators (other lecturers, tutors, etc.)

Send a message to the library


Activate the “student discussion”

Publish a reading list 

  • Publish the list and make it visible to all students
  • Send it automatically to the library for a review

My Collection - the personal collection area

With "My Collection" you have the option to collect interesting resources for different purpose in your own list.

Other functionalities 

You have the option to activate a discussion platform for students. This can be used for the exchange of students ideas/thoughts on specific resources or for grouping e.g.

By assigning tags, you can send a request to the library to digitize pages or chapters from books or journals.

  • Digitization request: A book / journal that is already in the inventory or is newly acquired should be partially digitized

After a copyright check, we (library staff) digitize the desired pages or chapters of a book / journal and make the digitized version available as a download link directly in read!t on your reading list.

read!t gives you the choice between a German and an English interface. You can change the language setting via your account settings.

You will receive an automatic email notification via read!t as soon as an activity (adding or changing a resource, a comment or a note, etc.) is registered on your list. If you do not want to receive these notifications, you can deactivate this function via your account settings.

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