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Welcome to WU!

Thank you for choosing WU for your bachelor's program. We hope you will have an exciting and enriching time as a student here. The WU Study Information Team is on hand to provide support through all phases of your studies.

The Student Support Area offers plenty of helpful tips on planning your student activities as efficiently as possible. Studying strategies, how to prepare for exams, and how to write a thesis are just a few of the topics available. But that's not all: You can also find information on WU's support services and continuing education programs. Because breaks and recreation are important, too, there's a large section of the Student Support Area dedicated to topics like "Work/life balance as a student" and "Ergonomics of Learning". If it's "hard facts" about your program you're looking for (e.g. curricula, registration information, etc.), comprehensive information is available on the WU website under "Students".   


The WU Study Information team, together with LEARN, wishes you the best of luck with your studies!