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Hard facts - Organizing your exams at WU

Courses and exams are well organized at WU. You can sign up for or drop courses and view your grades online using the course and exam registration system LPIS.  For more detailed information on courses and exams at WU, including contact information or if you have further questions, please see:  German-taught bachelor’s programs

You’ve been admitted to the English-taught Business & Economics bachelor’s program and have questions about organizational issues? Please feel free to contact the program coordinator.


Types of courses

The following types of courses are particularly relevant in the first year of your program:

  • Traditional lecture format, no attendance requirement
  • Assessment: multiple choice test held during the 3 exam weeks/semester; sometimes combination of MC and open questions
  • Sign up for lecture and exam separately
  • Required attendance (80%)
  • Assessment: min. 3 performance components during the course (e.g. homework, presentations, seminar papers, midterms, final exams)
  • Sign-up required
  • Lower attendance requirements (50–70%)
  • Assessment: min. 2 performance components during the course
  • Sign-up required



The half-semester organization is different from what you may be familiar with from other universities. The first year of the program is subdivided into half semesters. Most LVP (lecture-type) courses are held on a half-semester basis. LVP exams are held three times per semester (beginning, middle, end) during centrally organized large-scale exam weeks. Make sure you know the deadlines for signing up for exams and that you have read through the no-show policy.