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Taking tests is an important part of attending university. Exams are used to test your knowledge of the program’s subjects in a number of different ways. Your academic success will therefore depend to a large extent on how well you prepare for your exams. It’s also important to develop a studying strategy for each different examination mode or type of exam, and to learn how to handle exam nerves. Especially as a new student, it is key that you start becoming familiar with the materials the exam will cover early on. Make sure you also have a good idea of how much material you need to learn to prepare for a specific exam. The scope and complexity of university exams make it necessary to learn entirely different prep strategies than those you may have used at school. There are some things that are specific to WU, however, that you should keep in mind when planning your course schedule and preparing for exams.

Remember: The right motivation, careful planning and organization, and a good dose of old-fashioned staying power are the best prerequisites for academic success.