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New students

If you are enrolled in one of our two German-taught bachelor's programs, you were given copies of "move! - der WU-Guide für Studierende" and "Weiterlesen...Weiterschreiben" upon admission. These guidelines are intended to help you plan and organize your studies as efficiently as possible. "Weiterlesen...Weiterschreiben" also includes a suggested "road map" for the introductory and orientation phase of your program. Students in the English-taught bachelor's program are given separate, comprehensive informational materials on structuring and organizing their program.

As a WU Student, you now have access to the LPIS System and LEARN, giving you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the sign-up process for courses and exams and get a first look at the eLearning platform. Take advantage of this chance to become familiar with these tools, so that you won't have to worry about figuring them out later when you may have less time. The online Bachelor's Student Guide also offers plenty of useful information about your program, so be sure to read it carefully.

Below you can find an overview of services and extracurricular continuing education activities intended to help you get off to a good start in your degree program.