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Work/life balance

The clichéd image of a student who always sleeps late, parties all the time, studies once in a while, goes to a class or two, and is pretty much constantly on vacation is a thing of the past. On the contrary: Today’s students are highly motivated, hard-working young people. In conversation with our students, we hear time and again that completing their program within the prescribed duration and maintaining an excellent grade point average have become very important goals.

But the demanding pace of academics, combined with work and private life, poses real challenges for many students. There are also factors in student life that can make you lose your emotional equilibrium: pressure to perform, exam anxiety, attendance requirements, and the long to-do list of things that require your attention. Motivation, self-discipline, and staying power are just a few of the skills you will need to get through your studies successfully.

It’s important to maintain the right balance between studying, work, and social life. Would you like to find out more? Social integration, athletics and exercise

To maintain your equilibrium, make sure to plan enough time in your daily life for things you enjoy doing aside from studying. Getting together with friends or pursuing a favorite hobby can help you keep the stress of student life in perspective. Be sure to take time out from your everyday routine to reflect and come up with new ideas. This will give you the energy you need to get through the more stressful phases of university life and help you concentrate on the important things. Make sure to take time to relax after a difficult exam, a long work day, or after you have completed a large assignment. What you reward yourself with is your individual choice, but rewards and breaks are very important to help you keep up your strength to face new challenges.