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Workshops, extracurricular volunteer opportunities

Are you interested in doing some extracurricular volunteer work for a good cause or attending a few additional workshops and courses to learn more about specific topics? Look no further. WU offers a diverse selection of courses and workshops on many different subjects and in a variety of forms. For credit or noncredit, for short- or longterm commitments, for just you or for a group - there's something here for everyone.

WU Library

The library offers courses on different topics, e.g. reference management, literature research, and proper citation.

Bridging Courses

Brush-up courses in mathematics and IT, and beginners' courses in a number of different languages.

Enrichment Courses

Extracurricular courses and workshops in a variety of subjects (e.g. social skills, foreign languages, economics). Usually courses can be submitted as free electives for credit.

WU Mentoring

Help new students get off to a good start in their bachelor's programs, find their way around WU, and organize their studies.

WU Volunteering

Be a buddy to socially disadvantaged kids and teens and help them with their schoolwork, or join them in recreational activities as a music buddy or sport buddy. 

WU Top League

Join WU's network of high-potential students - it's possible to join anytime if you demonstrate outstanding academic performance.

Entrepreneurship Center

Programs to support innovative projects and start-up initiatives.