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Social integration, athletics and exercise

Social integration

Social integration and feeling like you’re a part of the university community is very important, both for your personal well-being and for academic success. Be sure to take advantage of the programs offered in the early phases of your studies, e.g. Campus Days, where you have the opportunity to get to know like-minded fellow students, and sign up for our mentoring program, where you will meet regularly with other first-semester students facing the same challenges you are. The Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) at WU also organizes social events at the start of each semester – check out their web page (in German) for more information: ÖH WU.

Athletics and exercise

Sports and exercise are a good way to relax after a stressful day at university, and can also be useful as a short break to charge your batteries before an exam. Whether exercise as a short break works for you or if you then find it harder to get back to your books is something you’ll need to try for yourself. What we do know is that exercise makes you more attentive and helps you process information faster.


Exercise and athletics at WU

Last semester, WU launched the Learning Ergonomics initiative. The program is intended to provide students with extra support during the exam prep weeks and encourage more effective studying. In addition to a comprehensive selection of helpful studying tips and information on effective learning strategies, the program also offers an exercise program (dance, yoga, and meditation), available free of charge during exam prep weeks.

Campus WU, designed to be a place for both learning and living, offers ideal conditions for integrating sports and exercise into your daily routine. The campus has a number of athletic facilities, including a basketball court between the WU Executive Academy and department building 4 and table tennis tables located behind department building 3.

The University of Vienna’s athletic institute (Universitaetssportinstitut Wien, USI) has an athletic center on campus featuring a gym, a fitness center, and a weight room. Available courses range from A for aerobics to Z for Zumba, offering something for everyone looking for a way to balance their studies with some healthy exercise. For more information on USI courses, please see here.

The Sportreferat, the ÖH Students’ Union athletic office, also organizes athletic events for sports fans. University sports clubs regularly compete in soccer and basketball games against other teams in their leagues.

The extensive Prater Park right next door to Campus WU is ideal for jogging, hiking, cycling, roller blading, and more. Acres of meadows and woods are located to either side of the Hauptallee, the main Prater avenue. Click here to find out more …