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The course catalog provides detailed information about all courses being held during the current semester at WU. Students use the VVZ mainly to create their personal course schedule.

  • Overview of all current courses at WU
  • Search a course or browse through the different programs, majors, core subjects, ...
  • All basis information on a course (dates, objectives, criteria for completion, ...)

To access the course catalog, click on the "Courses" tab in the horizontal menu bar. You can use the search function to find information on a specific course, or consult the list of programs, majors and phases.

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If you click on the title of a major or phase, you will see all the subjects that students have to pass. To see the courses included in each subject, click on the title of the subject. Click on a course title to see all the courses offered in the current semester listed on the right-hand side.

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For more detailed information on one of the courses, click on the course title. You will then be forwarded to the course overview page, where you find basic information such as date, time and venue of the course, as well as other relevant information like objectives and content.

If you are logged in to Learn@WU, you will also see the status of your membership in the course. You may also find a link to LPIS or a button that allows you to add yourself as a member of the course on Learn@WU. If an open course repository is available for the course, you will find a link to it as well. If you are already registered for the course, you can access the course site directly using the green button "Go to course portal".

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