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Release Notes

On this page you can find an extract of the current Release Notes of MyLEARN, structured into New Features and Bug Fixes. We only list the topics which are of immediate interest and relevance for course teachers, students and administrators for their work with MyLEARN.

Release 2023_09_12

New Features

Topic MyLEARN Design
Area MyLEARN Design

The layout of MyLEARN has been adapted.
This change affects the appearance of the platform, but has no impact on the functionalities and navigation paths.

Benefit The safety of using MyLEARN and its databases will thus continue to be guaranteed.

Topic MyLEARN Login
Area MyLEARN Login
Description The login is now linked to the single sign on of WU.
Benefit You only need to log in to a WU online service once and you are automatically logged in to MyLEARN.