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You can turn on notifications for specific applications on MyLEARN. If you do this, you’ll be notified of any changes in the applications by email to your WU email address.

You can activate notifications for specific applications. When turning on notifications, you can also set how often you’d like to receive notifications. To find out which applications support notifications, please see "Which applications offer the notifications feature?".

  1. In the appropriate course, click on the applications for which you’d like to receive notifications.
  2. Turn on notifications by clicking on “Manage Your [application title] Notifications”).
  3. In the notification settings, you can specify when and how often you’d like to be notified:
  • Instant
    You’ll be notified immediately whenever there’s been a change
  • Hourly
    You’ll receive an hourly summary if there’s been a change
  • Daily
    You’ll receive a daily summary of all changes

You can activate notifications and select the notification frequency for each individual course.

You can change the notification settings for certain applications or deactivate notifications.

  1. In the left-hand menu on your personal starting page, click on “Manage notifications”.
  2. Click the pencil icon   to change notification frequency settings.
  3. Click the bin icon  to deactivate notifications.

Notifications are available for the following applications:

  • News
  • File storage
  • FAQs
  • Forums
  • Calendar
  • Wiki

You will receive an email with the content of the change, e.g. with the content of a new post in the forum.