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The MyLEARN editor allows you to visualize content in many different ways. With the editor, you can add videos, pictures, formulas, links, and much more to your questions or your content. Please note, however, that not all features are available for all applications.

Below, you can find an overview of all the features that the MyLEARN editor offers. In some applications, you can use a wide range of features to visualize your content. In some other applications, however, only basic text formatting features are available.

Icon Brief description

Paste as plain text / Remove format

Subscript / Superscript

Bold / Italic / Underline / Strikethrough

Insert internal link: Use this feature to add a link within a community.

Anchor: To link to a section on the same page, you can set an anchor and add a link by using the “Link” feature.

(Numbered) List / Decrease indent / Increase indent / Blockquote allows you to indicate a section quoted from another source.

Insert gap: This feature allows you to add gaps in a text that your students can then fill in.

Maximize: This allows you to maximize the editing window.

Insert media: This allows you to insert pictures, videos, or audio files.

Insert internal link (WIKI): This feature is only available in the wiki. It allows you to link to a different spot within a wiki.

Includelet (Insert includelet): This feature is only available in the wiki. It allows you to insert content snippets, dubbed “includelets,” on your pages. Includelets automatically generate their own content: You can for instance insert an includelet to display a list of the wiki pages you’ve created. This list will be updated automatically when you create a new wiki page.

Insert lecturecast: If you’ve uploaded a video via Lecturecast, this feature allows you to embed it on your page.

Source shows the source code, where you can edit your content in HTML.

Text color / Background color

This allows you to find specific words and replace them with other expressions.

Table / Insert horizontal line / Insert special character / Math

Information about the CKEditor

Here you can find templates for specific tables that are frequently used in WU courses.

Whether you center your texts or left-align them, please always make sure that your formatting is consistent.