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Exam mode

You can also take written online exams on MyLEARN without automatic online supervision in the online course environment of your lecture. To do this, you must activate an examination statement independently in the course. Only after students have accepted this examination statement will they be granted access to the course/exam. This examination statement must be activated for every written online examination that represents a major examination performance (interim examinations, final examinations, significant partial performance). 


These instructions only apply to exams in the online course environment of a lecture. In an OPU, however, the examination statement is activated automatically. All information about this can be found in the guide entry for Online Exam Environment (OPU).

How do I activate the examination statement?

  1. Visit your online course environment on MyLEARN.
  2. Click on "Administrate" on the left side menu.
  3. On the new page click on the link "options".
  4. To change the settings click on the button „Bearbeiten“ (edit)
  5. Under exam mode you can find the examination statement. Click on "Yes" next to the examination statement (cf. "Screenshot: Settings)
  6. Set a date and a time for the activation. The starting date and time should be 15 minutes before the exam starts. The ending date and time should be 15 minutes after the exam. If you have BeAble students you may change the time of the ending date and time. If you have problems entering the dates, please change the Browser (eg. to Edge, Chrome or Opera). 

How is the examination statement displayed to students?

Students see the examination statement as a page-filling popup in the online course environment of their lecture. Here the (german-speaking) example of an OPU in the old format. However, the type of display also applies to the current OPU and also the online course environment of a lecture.

If students would like to see what is in the examination statement beforehand, they can find the current wording of the examination statement on the Study Service Center website.

Is there also an examination statement for Remote-Take-Home-Exams?

Yes. For Remote-Take-Home-Exams, there is a separate examination statement that should be integrated into the exam as an assignment and does not need to be activated as a pop-up in the online course environment of the lecture. All information on this can be found on the distance learning page under "Remote-Take-Home-Exam".

Where can I see who has accepted the examination statement?

Click on the link "Export list of users who have accepted the examination statement" under "Administrate" and "Examination Statement". Save the CSV file on your computer. Here all students are listed and you can see who accepted the examination statement and when. It can happen that students have accepted the examination statement several times, e.g. if they had lost the connection to the internet in the meantime. Frequent acceptance is usually an indication of technical problems on the part of the student.

For more information on written online exams, please visit the distance learning page,